The breeding manual of Dynastes hercules

 I want to introduce the method of Rearinging the Dynastes hercules hercules which is the most popular in Big beetle.
Since I am a development way still more, I want to update at any time in the place which still hatched the oneth generation at last.
If it understands from now on, I will want to update at any time.

About Dynastes hercules
The Dynastes hercules hercules from Guadeloupe

Also in hercules, the angle of a breast is thickly preeminent for a style, and a D.hercules hercules is popular.
 Dynastes hercules is a beetle used as the largest in the world to which the length exceeds a maximum of 170mm.
13 subspecies inhabit Lesser Antilles in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Sea.
13 subspecies inhabit Lesser Antilles in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Sea. The angle of a chest becomes the thickest and Dynastes hercules hercules of an original name subspecies which inhabits especially Guadeloupe is very popular.
The same subspecies also has many individual differences, such as thickness of the pattern, color, and angle of a front wing, and an imago will also be useful in about one year.
It could be said that it is the beetle optimal also as a pet, since a nail chip which is often looked at by the Chalcosoma caucasus etc. cannot take place easily and he can be enjoyed for a long time also as an object for admiration.
 Although new subspecies (trinidadensis,reidi,takakuwai etc.) arrive recently, it is still expensive and it is the last price which a hand would reach, it is also the problem of time that a culture thing will appear on the market from now on.
 Since it is breedable to anyone if even temperature management can also never do breeding difficultly, I also want beginners to challenge very much.

Acquisition of Dynastes hercules
 Although Dynastes hercules hercules changes with subspecies, it is a comparatively expensive beetle.
If a subspecies to keep is the price which a hand does not reach at all, it will be good to purchase two or more 1 and L2 larvae cheaper than an imago, or to purchase in the pair of a L3 larva.

- In the case of larva purchase
 In the case of a larva, the time of hatching shifts in many cases sharply for a male and a female.
When aiming at several-generation breeding, time is changed and purchased, or it may be made an imago, the near larva of hatching time may be purchased with a single article, and you may make it a pair.
In the case of a larva, it does not understand what A.dichotoma it becomes on an individual difference level.
Even when information, a picture, etc. about a parent imago may be in Sale HP when purchased in a network, and there is nothing, we recommend you to purchase a receiving agency at the shop to teach.
 After deceiving it as the rarely expensive subspecies, selling the larva of a rickey etc. and having Rearinged carefully for a long time, the opinion that saw the hatching rickey and it was disappointed is also heard. We recommend you purchase from a store and an individual with reliance and an actual result strongly.

- In the case of imago purchase
 It is divided into a natural thing or a breeding thing when purchasing an imago. Since the natural thing is more expensive, a success and failure of female (what does not lay eggs) also have it and the risk that it does not know when it dies also has it, we recommend beginners the clear breeding thing of emergence time.
However, since sudden death may occur that a new imago touches the period which does not eat food after hatching, or gives a shock, let's be cautious of handling.

In the case of an imago, it becomes so expensive that it is so cheap that it is small and is large. Since there is also an individual difference, let's look for Heracles suitable for liking of a budget and himself.

The example which receives an imago at a low price

Small Dynastes hercules lichyi(male)
If it is the breeding purpose, a cheap small pair is enough !
However, in a large-sized aim, a possibility that the good large egg of a state will be obtained from big female is high.
The size of male is not related at all.
D.hercules hercules of an angle bend(male)
If it is B articles, such as an angle bend, a large-sized individual is also very cheap.
Since no males like a photograph are satisfactory except appearance, they are ideal to breeding.
However, it is safer not to purchase, since what the front wing opened dies of high probability that it is easy to be infected with various germs while it is early.

Individual difference

D.hercules hercules with a complicated pattern
There is various variation, such as what does not have spot-like a pattern or a pattern in others.
D.hercules hercules with few patterns
In addition to this also by the same subspecies, various variation, such as thickness of the angle of a breast and a color of a front wing, is seen.

Imago breeding
 If an imago comes to hand, please Rearing a male and a female separately first.
If it is a natural thing, female is put into the case immediately set to breeding.

- Breeding case (For imago management)
 In a breeding case, larger male 100mm or more recommends you a large plastic case. Although an inside plastic case is sufficient, I think that it is narrow and there is a risk of becoming stress. The size about an inside plastic case is enough as female.

- Breeding temperature
 Less than 18 - 30 degrees. However, when making it breed, 26-degree order is good.

- Eats later (an imago should eat food)
 Since it is still dormant in a mat to an eats later if it is the individual which has not carried out an eats later, let's carry out quietly.
Since it comes to carry out an eats later generally in about two months after hatching, if the imago under which it was going on the mat is coming out on a mat, the jelly for commercial Stag-beetle beetles will be set.
Since both a female and a male are considerable appetite, be careful of a food piece. Up to the inside of the cup containing jelly, since it is horned and especially a male cannot be eaten, it needs to give larger jelly.
It seems that a banana is the optimal when many childbirth is desired. However, since decomposition is very early, it is necessary to exchange every day. When troublesome, the jelly for childbirth promotion is sold.
Although pairing of it will become possible if a male is carried out about one month after an eats-later start, a female needs to wait for maturity for one to two months after an eats-later start.
It will also become the cause of death if it is made to copulate while it has been immature.

 Pairing will be carried out if a female ripens enough.
Usually, if a male is put on a female, it will copulate simply. However, when a female does not tend to refuse or a male does not tend to copulate, let's wait for one more week calmly.
If copulation is begun, it may become in 2 hours or more before or after 1 hour generally. It seems that it is safer to wait to finish automatically since it was difficult to take a male during copulation.
Seemingly, asexual eggs will increase in number, if a period becomes long. I try to want for it to be good to make it copulate again when taking one month or more after copulation.
However, several months after is checking much hatching by copulation once.
 * If copulation is made frequent, physical strength will be exhausted and keep in mind that a life will be rash. Especially, in prolonged copulation, physical strength may be used up and it may die.
Copulation of Dynastes hercules hercules Copulation of Dynastes hercules lichyi

Copulation is easy if maturity is enough.
Keep in mind that it will die young if it is made not much frequent.
Copulation of a small individual
Although the sex heard that it could not copulate if a size is different too much, and it was made to copulate with a small male (86mm) and a large-sized female (69mm), copulation was successful satisfactory.

The case for childbirth

The mat for making eggs lay uses what an eye tends to harden finely. Since eggs cannot be laid on a mat which grasps strongly by hand and does not become a lump, cautions are required for it.
 If pairing ends, female will be put into the case for childbirth.

- The case for childbirth
 The case for childbirth should use the largest possible things, such as a special enlarged plastic case.

- The mat for childbirth
 Although the mat of a mat for larva breeding of the beetle marketed is good, since there are many expensive things, a chocolate color or an old mat which became dark brown can also be substituted using Stag-beetle breeding etc.
Since a female hardens a mat and produces it the whole piece in it, the mat which a particle is fine as much as possible, grasps, and is easy to become a lump is the best.
* On a mat with a coarse eye, eggs are seldom laid, so that it collapses immediately, even if it grasps a mat strongly.

- Setting
 A case half should pack a mat a little firmly as much as possible.
The rest is packed lightly and puts in a mat generally till the 8th minute of a case. On a mat, fallen leaves, a perch, etc. are put into fall prevention of female.
 Let's wait about one month, being cautious of a food piece, if it sets.
If about one month is taken, one more case for childbirth will be prepared and female will be moved.
Mortality rate will become very high if the egg which just laid eggs is unearthed immediately. It is safer to have taken out female and to wait about two weeks.
* If eggs are made to lay one month or more, there is a possibility of crushing the egg which female already produced.

Egg gathering
The egg of Dynastes hercules lichyi

Thus, if it is growing up round, it will hatch by high probability.
Incidentally the egg of this large drop is what small female61mm produced. Of course, the large-sized aim is possible enough even from small female.
 Eggs are made to lay about one month, and if a female is taken out and about two week passes, let's gather eggs.
The case for childbirth is made a big container reverse, and a mat is taken out. Since a shock is not so good for an egg, it is performed as carefully as possible so that it may not be made violence.
When laying eggs, the mat of the case lower part should be hardened very strongly. If the lump of a mat is understood carefully, a pure white egg should come out.
* Since a possibility that maturity of female was insufficient or copulation had gone wrong is also considered when not laying eggs, please let me copulate again.

Artificial incubation
 The egg which was able to be taken is artificially hatched using a pudding cup etc.

 The mat only for beetles is put in a pudding cup, and a somewhat larger hole than an egg is perpendicularly made to the bottom of a cup with chopsticks etc.
And an egg is dropped to the bottom of a hole and a hole is plugged up.
Probably, it will be good to open in the side so that it can observe.
It hatches generally in about one month after childbirth.
The situation of artificial incubation

The egg of the lichyi set to the pudding cup
With chopsticks etc., a hole is made in a mat and an egg is dropped to it.
The L1 larva of the Dynastes hercules hercules which hatched from the pudding cup.

Breeding of L1 and L2 larva
 The L1 larva which hatched Rearings individually in a suitable container.
Although two or more breeding was also possible, when you remove the skin, it is damaged by other larvae and may die.
* Since movement cannot do the larva immediately after removing the skin softly, it will be damaged simply.

- Breeding container
 I think that a breeding container has the good plastic container of 500mL.
When aiming at a large model, it may be making it Rearing calmly from the beginning with 2L blow container etc., and a large model may be able to be aimed at further. However, although there is little mat exchange and it ends in that case, there will also be a risk of a mat deteriorating previously and Rearinging in the state bad for a long period of time, and it will have merits and demerits.
Although a ventilation hole is made in a lid, probably, it will be good to make a small hole innumerably so that a small fly cannot invade.

- Mat
 The mat for larvae is the commercial mat only for A.dichotomas, the old mat used for breeding of a Stag-beetle larva which became dark brown, a The corroded leaf, etc.
Although it is also possible to mix additive agents, such as flour, to ferment them on an embedding mat, and to make the mat for A.dichotomas, it will take three months or more.
Probably, a mat will be good at the grade lightly put in a case.

- Mat exchange
 Please judge mat exchange according to degradation of a mat or shrinkage condition. Probably, it will be better to carry out mat exchange, immediately after the nematode and the nematode caught sight of the larva of the well alike small fly.

 After a breeding start, if it carries out as long as two months, it will become a L2 larva.
* Since growth is most changed sharply with breeding temperature, please carry out by reference.
When becoming a L2 larva and Rearinging with smaller containers, such as a plastic container of 500mL, let's move to larger containers, such as a plastic container of 2L, and aim at a large model.

- Breeding temperature
 I try to want for breeding of the high temperature slippage around 26 degrees to be good.
* Of course, it is not necessary to maintain at high temperature purposely to a winter season.
It has not been said that breeding at the low temperature around 20 degrees becomes large-sized specially although a period is prolonged and a mat is exhausted.
However, keep in mind that there is a risk of bringing maturity forward and a small individual hatching if temperature is too high.

L1 and L2 larva

The L1 larva of Dynastes hercules lichyi
The L2 larva of Dynastes hercules lichyi
Breeding container

500mL plastic container
Let's make a small ventilation hole and prevent invasion of a small fly.
2L plastic container
It is good to use by the early stages of a L3 larva from a L2 larva.

Manufacture of the mat for larvae
Manufacture of the mat for larvae

If flour etc. is added using a cheap embedding mat, the mat more than the commercial mat for beetles can also be created.
 Although the mat for larvae is breedable with a commercial mat, since cost starts, the mat for larvae can also be made from a cheap embedding mat.
Still, although I am in a groping state since experience is shallow, I need to explain simply.

[1]. Embed in a special enlarged plastic case etc. and put in a mat till the 8th minute.
[2]. Put in additive agents, such as flour, by the favorite quantity.

  * Although not measured about me, I think that it is about 300g generally in the case of a special enlarged plastic case.
[3]. It often stirs and mixes equally.
[4]. Add water to the grade to which it grasps strongly and water does not drip with a grinding sound.
[5]. Cover on both sides of a moisturing sheet etc.

  * Be careful not to be invaded by the small fly. If invaded, a special mat will deteriorate and use will become impossible.
[6]. It sometimes mixes for every month, and water will be added if dry.
[7]. It will complete, if three months or more are taken and it becomes dark brown.

  * If it waits more than half a year, it will become a still better mat for larvae.
Cautions: Since ticks may occur on an additive agent with high nutritive values, such as flour, it is easy to take care about storage, and check.

Breeding of a L3 larva
 A sex will be distinguished if it becomes a L3 larva.
If a large model is aimed at in the case of a male and it can do, independent breeding will be carried out in a large plastic case.
However, if mat exchange is perfectly carried out also in an inside plastic case, it is also possible enough to make a large-sized individual.
Although two or more breeding is also possible in a clothes case, a special enlarged plastic case, etc. in the case of a L3 larva, be careful not to become overcrowded.
Since it thinks that it is not necessary to aim at a large model in the case of a female, it collects, and I keep and come out and think especially that it is satisfactory.

 Although there is still only 20g order immediately after becoming a L3 larva, 100g is exceeded in about three months.
As a mat good for the time to become large in early stages of a L3 larva anyhow is always given, let's make it not bar growth.
Although it will enter in the period of maturity and will be hard coming to go up weight if a larva becomes yellow from white, a good mat is given firmly and let's make it not lower weight.
 If the larva (refer to photograph lower right) of a small fly occurs especially, please carry out mat exchange a little early. In several weeks, an abundant number of small flies will fly about in a case. If it is left for a long time, a mat will deteriorate in the shape of mud, and the worst larva will die.

The sex distinguishing method of a beetle is here.

The L3 larva of Dynastes hercules hercules The L3 larva of Dynastes hercules lichyi

If it is independent breeding, 100g of males is exceeded lightly.
Although D. hercules lichyi grew large and it grew up even into 144g at the maximum especially under breeding, in the D.hercules hercules, it was 120g set at the maximum.
Especially, the Dynastes hercules lichyi became large, and under breeding, 120g over came out ordinarily and it grew up even into a maximum of 144g.
Breeding scenery of a L3 larva The larva of the small fly generated on the mat

Dynastes hercules hercules L3 larva
In order to lower cost, it is used mixing the A.dichotoma mat of marketing of a natural The corroded leaf to a subject.
Although various small insects also came out, it was completely harmless.
Incidentally the larva of a photograph was set to male123mm.
If it will be in such a state, let's carry out mat exchange a little early.
Incidentally, a nematode is more long and slender, and in the case of a small fly, when it often sees, a head is black.

changes to pupa
The pupa of Dynastes hercules hercules

Careful cautions are required for the handling of a pupa. It will die, if a shock is given.
 If a larva becomes yellow and ripens, a pupa room will be made and it will become a pupa.
Since in the case of a male it will become easy to become a bodily low individual, without the ability building the room of a pupa well if a mat is in a light state, a mat is packed a little firmly.
 * Since it does not riot in search of the place which builds a pupa room unlike a Chalcosoma caucasus etc. but begins to build a pupa room easily, it is very easy.

 Please build a pupa room, and since there is a case of the case bottom or the side where a pupa can be seen in part becoming a pupa, observe carefully. It is a pupa when an orange thing can be seen.
It is a pupa room, when visible and the mat colored orange can be checked, since a pupa room creates the wall of a pupa room with the excrement of a larva. It should have hatched, if it waits for three months after checking the pupa room.
Let's choose at our own discretion and unearth the time of having become an imago.

 It is also possible to take out, to break only the upper part of a pupa room, when it is said that he wants to see a pupa, and to change imago in the state as it is. In this case, please do not perform a natural The corroded leaf etc. like me on the mat in which other insects are. A pupa may be eaten by other insects.
It is also possible to build an artificial pupa room with black soil etc., and to hatch it with it. Since in the case of a male a pupa room is built aslant for a while, the angle of a breast is developed in accordance with the wall of a pupa room and a beautiful curve is made, if the pupa room is not slanting, the angle of a breast will not be able to be developed finely but it will turn.
When you carry out the changes to pupa of the front pupa at an artificial pupa room, please let me reproduce the line of the wall of a pupa room well.

 The period of a pupa is about two months.

The scene of the changes to pupa of Dynastes hercules

The pupa of Dynastes hercules hercules of an artificial pupa room The pupa of Dynastes hercules hercules of hatch nearness

When carrying out a changes to pupa at an artificial pupa room, some pupa rooms are leaned on slant and created.
It will be decided at the time of a changes to pupa whether the angle of a breast will bend.
An inside solidifies and is transparent and the pupa of hatch nearness becomes blackish.
Thus, if a pupa becomes black, it will hatch also at today and tomorrow.

Hatching of Dynastes hercules hercules

A hatching scene is the first highlight of Hercules breeding.
 A changes to pupa is carried out and it hatches in about two months.
In the case of an artificial pupa room, if about two weeks is taken after hatching, it will move to a medium size plastic case etc., and let's bury on a mat and make it dormant.

 Please seldom tamper until it starts an eats later. Since the inside of the body is still unripe even if it has solidified, there is a possibility that sudden death may happen with a shock etc.

 An eats later is started after hatching in about two months.

The scene of hatching of Dynastes hercules

Hatching of Dynastes hercules hercules

The front wing by which the skin is removed and built is pure white.
Since it becomes wrinkles only by touching very softly, never don't touch.
After hatching, white -> yellow -> red -> black and a color change, and the front wing solidifies gradually.
A front wing colors in ocher, and one month will be required by the time a pattern appears.

The problem from which the hatching period of a male/female shifts
female of Dynastes hercules hercules

Usually, since a female hatches early, and a male is carried out half a year and hatches from several months, it is said that several-generation breeding is difficult.
However, it is dependent on breeding and several-generation breeding is possible enough.
 Although based also on a subspecies or breeding temperature, if the larva which was able to be taken at the same time is Rearinged ordinarily, as for a female, emergence and a male will take one year, a half, or more than it in one year. Pairing is difficult.
Then, if the Rearinging method is changed for a male and a female and the measures against emergence gap are taken, I will think that it is good.

*How to prevent hatching gap
- At a moderate temperature of high temperature slippage of about 27 degrees, a mat with nutritive value high as much as possible is made to be eaten, and a male is grown up rapidly, it comes out a little and will change imago for one year.
- A female makes a mat with low nutritive value eaten, it also lessens mat exchange as much as possible, also makes breeding temperature low, and delays growth as much as possible.
 * Since there is a difference of temperature considerably also in the high place of the room, and a low place, let's use well. Temperature will also become high if high.
 However, in my place, in spite of having not meant such a method, it may be that its brother of this belly is not so difficult for as it is generally unexpectedly said since the D.h.hercules and lichyi can be managed with gap of about shortest 2 month.
However, the D.hercules hercules had extremely few numbers which laid eggs probably because it Rearinged on the bad nature mat at the long period of time.
If it Rearings in the state where environment is too bad, it may be that a genitals obstacle occurs.
 Although temperature was completely the same in the Dynastes hercules lichyi, the male always maintained the state with optimal independent breeding and mat on the anyhow good mat. 3 or 4 females were given to each one large-sized plastic case centering on breeding and the used mat, and refrained also from mat exchange if possible.
Although it is said that there is an effect which prevents emergence gap if it collects into a male and female 1 clue and is generally kept and made it, even if it carries out a large-sized aim by independent breeding, I think that several-generation breeding can also be aimed at enough.

At the last
Although my method of Rearinging was described briefly, it has updated, immediately after understanding some from now on, since it is breeding on the way of development still more.
 I want to make it future reference, when there are an opinion, comment, etc. Please mail freely.

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